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Are you about to embark on a life altering, new and exciting journey as you leave your state or island to work in Bermuda? Require accommodations as soon as the airplane hits the runway? Looking for the right home to make your transition as seamless and comfortable as possible? If so, look no further! We take great pride and pleasure in assisting all guest workers (new and returning) in making the lovely island of Bermuda their new home. Our agency can provide short/long-term options prior to your arrival or when you land in the beautiful island of Bermuda!


I am able to provide a variety of choices based on price, size, location, amenities, etc.


Let’s make coming to Bermuda a great, enjoyable experience!!


Please contact Ambika Scott at, 232-2387 or 735-2386 to discuss how Moongate Realty can best assist you with your relocation needs.

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